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If you are looking for an opportunity to join our team this is an exceptional opportunity for anyone looking for a side-gig, at-home work or even a full-time job.

We limit the number of agents* we bring on in order to be able to support and properly train each agent. If you are ready to start becoming a Disney Travel Agent, this is the time to join the wait list!

*Note, as of right now, this opportunity is ONLY open to Agents US based.

Animal Kingdom

70% Commission – Highest in the Industry!
On Day 1 Agents receive 70% commission on all travel booked through Best Day Ever Vacations!

Walt Disney Statue

Full Training & Support –
We offer extensive training to get you started selling magical vacations in just a matter of days!

Disney Cruise

Amazing Perks!
Travel Agents receive comp tickets to Disney World & Disneyland, up to 50% OFF Disney Hotels and 30-70% off select cruises

Classic Travel Agent Membership – $149 

What is included with your Travel Agent Membership

This is an exceptional opportunity for anyone looking for a side-gig, at-home work or even a full-time job. They provide comprehensive online training to their agents, ensuring their confidence in selling to friends, family, and new clients. Here are some of the program’s main features:

  • There are no minimum booking requirements. You can book as much or as little as you want and as often as you want.
  • Access to the Disney College of Knowledge
  • You can sell to friends, family, or find new clients in your area or online. The choice is entirely up to you.
  • We pay the highest monthly commission, 70%. Standard travel agencies are 50%
  • You will receive full and continuous training to keep you informed about our products and the best sales strategies
  • Plus, you get to enjoy travel agent benefits like discounted travel, free tickets, and monthly incentives.

Our average agents are earning an average of over $3,800 per month while working from home and booking for friends, family!

Membership Benefits for Travel Agents (upon completion of Disney college of Knowledge)

  • Access to Join CLIA, which will give you:
  • One free 1-day Park Hopper® Ticket for the Walt Disney World® Resort or Disneyland® Resort or a discounted 2-10 Day Park Hopper® Ticket for the Walt Disney World® Resort per year
  • Up to four half-priced Universal Tickets
  • Discounted rates for Disneyland® Resort Hotels (usually 50% off)
  • Discounted rates at Walt Disney World® Resort Hotels (usually 50% off) for Disney Travel Agents
  • Travel Agent Appreciation Rates for Disney Cruise Line® (usually 50% off or more)
  • Travel Agent Rates to Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa (30-50% off)
  • Discounted Rates for Adventures by Disney® (20-50% off or more)
  • Discounts to thousands of hotels around the world.

*Note, as of right now, this opportunity is ONLY open to Agents US based. $79 annual renewal each year for agents who have not sold $10,000 in vacations


Classic Travel Agent Membership

Fast Track Concierge Travel Agent Membership -$1,497

This is for the person who is looking for the fastest way to become a successful travel agent!

What you receive:

All the Benefits of the Classic Travel Agent Membership +

  • A Complete Self-Guided Training on How to Become the Ultimate Travel Agent  ($950 Value)
    This is a very extensive course – which includes:


    • How to Market yourself.
    • How to use psychology to book more clients
    • How to create urgency.
    • How to get leads and referrals
    • Opening questions to ask new clients
    • How to figure out the clients budget when they are not telling you
    • Travel agent quote templates – Create a Quote in under 10 minutes ($150 Value)
    • Full Itinerary Planning Templates for Your Clients for Disney World, Universal, Disney Cruise & Disney Aulani  ($450 Value)
    • How to use Canva to create quotes
    • How to Close a sale
    • Video Tutorials on booking clients
    • Following up Procedures
    • Practice Itinerary Builders
    • & So Much More
  • + You’ll receive – 12 Month Access to Travefy to handle all your clients  OVER $450 VALUE!
  • FAST TRACK TO Become a Concierge Agent – Once the Course is finished you are fast tracked to a concierge agent which gets priority on incoming leads high revenue leads. Concierge Agents are typically reserved for individuals who book over 350k in travel a year (Value Immesurable)

*Note, as of right now, this opportunity is ONLY open to Agents US based.


Fast Track Concierge Agent Membership

If you are interested in the 4 payments of $477 plan please clock the link below

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  1.  also Do you offer E&O Insurance?
    Yes, we provide E&O insurance to our agents.
  2. Is the $149 sign-up fee an annual fee?
    No, it is a one-time admin fee to cover the cost of registration with our suppliers when you join the team. There is a $79 annual renewal if you do not book $10,000 worth of vacations (bookings not commissions) in one full year 
  3. Is there a required minimum booking amount?
    No, agents can book as much or as little as they want each year. Like mentioned above if you do not book $10,000 in bookings in a year we have a $79 renewal fee. Otherwise that fee is waived.
  4. What kind of training is provided?
    We offer the College of Disney Knowledge which trains you on all available products and how to book them. The course is completely online, and you can complete it at your own pace. Plus, we have additional training and articles to help you learn more about the parks, resorts and cruises. There are also online webinars available for best practices, and Universal offers its own training as well. Cruise courses are also available online.
  5. Do Travel Agents charge extra fees?
    No, in most cases, the supplier pays the commission. This means that pricing for products are either the same or better than what your clients would find booking themselves.
  6. How and when are commissions paid?
    Commissions are paid  after your guests have traveled, which is when most companies pay commission. You will receive 70% or more of the commission on each booking, and payment can be made through Direct Deposit. To submit a commission, please use our Commission page. If you opt to receive leads from us, commissions are 50% on leads our company brings to you.
  7. Is being a travel agent difficult for beginners?
    The biggest challenge is getting your name out there. You can actively pursue clients or inform your friends and family that you can book their travel and wait for them to approach you. The amount of time and effort you put in depends on how much you want to earn.
  8. Do you provide leads?
    We have active campaigns to generate leads, these are for the Fast Track Concierge team. This is the most effective way to jumpstart your career as a travel agent. All classic agents are asked to generate leads themselves.
  9. Can I book companies other than Disney?
    Yes, you can book other companies like Expedia, Carnival, Universal Orlando, Royal Caribbean, MSC Cruises, Hilton, Marriott and more to earn commission on them.
  10. Can I use any name for my agency?
    You can choose any name for your agency except for Disney names and titles like Mickey, Minnie, or similar, which are copyrighted.
  11. How do I use the Disney Travel Agent Benefits?
    After completing the Disney Travel Agent training, you can access the benefits to get discounts on cruises, theme park hotels, and tickets, but keep in mind that they are subject to change and availability.
  12. How do I obtain my CLIA card/travel agent ID?
    A CLIA card is not required for booking travel but is needed for receiveing Disney Travel Agent Discounts. Register as an individual agent  Agency using the CLIA number found in your welcome packet at
  13. What happens after I join?
    You’ll receive a welcome packet by email with instructions on registration, training, getting your CLIA card, commission payments, W-9, and more.
  14. Can I start booking right away after joining? You can start booking after completing your online training, which usually takes 2-3 days.
  15. What should I do if I have an issue with a client?
    Contact the company you did the booking with, such as Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, to see what they suggest. You can also email us to let us know what’s going on

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